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February 06 2015


Let us tell you the characteristics and using precautions about the liquid tire puncture sealant

Jan 27, 2015-America-Currently, there are mainly three generally seen tire puncture sealants. The first one is the common automatic car care products which can instantly complete the repairing process during the process of the inflation. The second one is the polymer rubber sealant material which will form the hard protective film after high temperature baking. The third one is the grain automatic tire sealant which has the soluble fiber structure that could uniformly spread the inner surface of the tire under the centrifugal force and form the liquid protective film.

The main characteristics of the automatic tire sealant such as liquid tire puncture sealant could be concluded into the following factors.

As we all know, the automatic tire sealants will be added into the tire broken part through the tire valve. If the tires were slashed by nail bar or other sharp objects, the related repairing product will automatically repair the tire. In addition, the automatic tire sealant such as liquid tire puncture sealant could also be a good solution to solve the problem of the slow leak phenomenon of the commonly vacuum tire so as to solve the puncture hazard at all. In fact, puncture is caused by the long term accumulation of some minor problems. The continued using of those problem tires will be resulted in increasing fuel consumption, the accelerated of tire wear and tear, temperature rise and then cause the phenomenon of puncture in the fast-moving process.

The famous aerosol tire inflator for car online seller www.carewaycn.com will also introduce with people some basically point for using those related products.

In general, the automatic tire sealant is made of fiber, mineral particles, propylene glycol antifreeze solution and others. When it play its role to protect the slashed tire, it does not react with the rubber and rims of the car tires and it will also not air dry and the shelf life is permanent. After the end of the tire using life, the tire sealant inside can be taken out again and then be recycled to the new tire. This recycled product will be very environmentally friendly.


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